Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Queen Anne Doll slash Milliner's Doll

Well she started out being inspired by making Queen Anne doll, but I just couldn't resist adding in hair with the paperclay so her's my Queen Anne slash Milliner's Doll.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Izannah Walker Doll dress

Would like to thank Michelle from "The BlackBerry Briar" for her help with her dress pattern "Your wonderful Michelle :)"

Izannah Walker inspired doll

Well here's my first doll, she's inspired by Izannah Walker and is around 17 inches big. Love the way that her aged method I tried came up. Can't wait to start on my next Izzy doll.


Hi there, and welcome to my blog :)
You will find it is mostly about my newly inspired passion to make 1800 century looking dolls. Using the method of Cloth & paperclay then sculpting, painting, antiquing and of course dressing them to become unique and original with my on touch of creativity. As I am very new to this, I would love for you to follow and please feel free to comment (good or bad) on my journey of doll making :) You also might find from time to time photos & postings of my original oil paintings that I sell throughout New Zealand. Thanks for visiting Melissa